Traditional Using hand selected cuts of veal & pork that are stuffed into a fine natural casing. Mildly seasoned but still delicious! Complimented with German mustard and sauerkraut. Classic varieties include Bratwurst, Bockwurst and Knockwurst.


Smoked ​A sausage that has been prepared and cured with the use of aromatic hardwood, which is burned to produce smoke. The smoke enriches  the sausage with a uniquely hearty flavor and extends the storage life of the product. We carefully smoke our Polish, Kielbasa, Knockwurst and Frankfurters in our custom crafted smokehouse 


Spicy We introduce specialty seasonings to create sausages with a flair.  A unique cayenne pepper blend makes our Cajun Sausage savory. The Jalapeno Sausage is infused with fresh Jalapeno & Serrano Chilis to give it just the right kick.Our Hot Kielbasa Sausage is a wonderful combination of fresh garlic and California Chili Peppers adding a flavorful twist to this traditional smoked sausage.

Worldly In addition to the traditional German style wurst, we offer Hungarian and Italian for those interested in something south of the boarder  



The Best of the Wurst ®

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